L.T. Control Switches


Apex L.T. Control Switches 32 Amps

Apex L.T. Control Switches 63 Amps

L.T. Control Switches or Low Tension Control Switches have various types and uses. They are used to control the function of motors or switching on/off, reversing the devices.

The contacts used are alloys that provide long life and millions of operations without any problem. Choice can be made according to two parameters viz. load of your application and function.

We manufacture Switches in two capacities 25 Amps, 32 Amps and 63 Amps which suit the most low voltage needs. Different functions manufactured by us are as follows:

  • On/Off Switches
  • Change Over Switches
  • Forward/Reverse Switches
  • Forward/Reverse Pole Changing Switches
  • Star-Delta Switches
  • Phase-Changer Switches