Air Break Contactors


Contactors are the heart of motor starters and many other important electrical installations and panels. They make or break the connections after receiving signals from either Over-Load Relays or any other mechanism. Being capable of performing millions of operations they have Silver Alloys as contacts and the outer body is heat resistant. They consist of a Solenoid Coil, a Core (set) and Contacts.

Contactors are used to control electric motors, lighting, heating, capacitor banks, and other electrical loads.

'COMMANDER' series

Apex’s new ‘COMMANDER’ Contactor series has a modular design. Designed to perform in rugged conditions, it comes ready with 1NO+1NC arrangement and various NO/NC arrangements using auxiliary contact blocks. These auxiliary contact blocks are quick and simple to mount.

Also the design specifically emphasizes at minimizing of cost. The parts are very easy to replace which brings down the down-time hence cutting costs sharply.


  • High electrical and mechanical life Noise-free and chatter-free operation
  • Heat resistant outer body
  • Special protection to personal from live parts
  • Replacement of Coil and contacts extremely easy
  • Proper marking on power and auxiliary terminals for error-free wiring.

'COMPACT' series

As the name suggests ‘COMPACT’ range offers a very sturdy and cost effective solution for your switching needs. Yet taking a lot less space. It is rated at 20 Amps and can be provided in different contact arrangements.

'CLASSIC' series

This is our primary range of Contactors, which is around for more than a decade and with important technological enhancements, it still fits the modern scenario.